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How I&S will operate

Referral procedures statement

1. COHHIO will conduct an interview with a potential complainant to determine if COHHIO has the capacity to provide direct assistance or to make a referral.

2. COHHIO will offer suggestions of other agencies or private attorneys who can provide more appropriate services to the potential complainant.

3. Referrals may be given to:

  • Other Private Fair Housing agencies which have more expertise in the specific problems at issue in the potential complainant's case.

  • Ohio Civil Rights Commission or US Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

  • Other public fair housing organizations that have local knowledge and capacity for dealing with fair housing issues.

4. Potential complainant will decide the course of her/his case after being provided with referral options.


Enforcement protocol

1. COHHIO staff will interview tenants who are identified through the Inclusion and Stability project and who believe that they have been victims of discrimination.

2. COHHIO will explain how fair housing laws affect the situations brought by potential complainants.

3. COHHIO will assist potential complainants who have disabilities to develop fully documented requests for reasonable accommodations or reasonable modifications.

4. COHHIO investigate claims of possible discrimination or if COHHIO determines that it does not have the capacity to conduct an investigation of the claims, COHHIO will make a referral to a private fair housing organization or private attorney which can carry out an investigation. COHHIO may hire consultants to design and carry out tests in support of an investigation using funds from other sources unrelated to the FHIP grant.

5. If there appears to be a basis for filing a complaint of discrimination, COHHIO will counsel the complainant on her his options to bring a complaint through HUD, OCRC or a private attorney. COHHIO will offer to enter into a representation agreement where COHHIO staff may provide information gathered in our investigation to enforcement agencies.

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