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Work plan

COHHIO reaches out to 10 Underserved Communities

How can your community get involved?

Beginning in January 2012, COHHIO staff will be reaching out to fair housing officers in counties that are eligible for services under the Inclusion and Stability Project.   First priority goes to ODOD defined 'distressed' or 'very distressed' counties.  For a list of counties see the spreadsheet attached below.

COHHIO is interested to hear from local stakeholders who could use assistance in implementing their Analysis of Impediments and or addressing the proliferation of substandard rental housing in their communities.  Write to us at rentinfo@cohhio.org

 COHHIO's work in Inclusion and Stabilizing is supported by a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Fair Housing Initiatives Program!

 Where we're at with the I&S project

1.  Slow start.  Here it is mid March (one quarter into our project and we're still talking to local jurisdictions).  That said, we have had some fruitful conversations and we're hoping for some formal working agreements shortly.

2.  At the same time we're beginning to think about our partnerships with City of Canton, City of Shaker Heights and Ohio Civil Rights Commission.  These entities are working with HUD to finalize outreach agreements that will put COHHIO's RHINO roject into new outreach and education activities.  Stay tuned for details.

What if my community is not chosen to participate in I&S program?
COHHIO will be providing landlord tenant and fair housing workshops around the state with the support of the Ohio Department of Development and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.  Click here for more info on workshops

In the meantime

If you have a question about Fair Housing or Tenants Rights, please feel free to contact us
at  888-485-7999 or

PS:  Even if you're not a participating community, feel free to use these resources!

 Notes & Links

County Summary at the bottom of this page shows the Ohio Counties could operate.


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