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Property Profiles

What to look for and where to look

When creating a property profile while preparing an FH case, you should consider researching the following:

  • Demographics of the property and surrounding census tracts
  • Corporate structure and principles of owner and/or management agent
  • Other property holdings by owner and/or management agent
  • Formal advertising, e.g., where the owner and/or management agent lists their available units for rent
  • Past or pending Fair Housing charges or litigation
  • Identify comparable rents in area

Where to look:


U.S. Census Bureau's American Fact Finder 2:

With this tool, you can search by address, census block, block group, census tract, etc. to identify information related to household type, size and tenure; race and national origin; poverty; housing type, etc., within the jurisdiction you are searching for. You can only review 10 datasets at a time, so make sure to prioritize the things you want to know about the population within your jurisdiction.

Corporate Structure & Principles

Utilize the Ohio Secretary of State's Business Filing Search:

Business Filing Search

Be mindful that it can be important to try different iterations of the owner, management agent or corporate agent, registrant or incorporator name, as a simple misspelling or use of character may limit your search results. Use the Ohio Secretary of State's help tool.

Additional Property Holdings

Owner or management agent website - an owner or management agent will often list other properties that they own on their website. This will enable you to perform additional research re: corporate structure and principles; formal advertising; and past or pending FH charges or litigation for other properties to determine whether or not the alleged FH violation is part of a pattern.

If you have identified a corporate name and/or a corporate agent, registrant or incorporator, you can download a list of businesses (or properties) in which that person has an interest by utilizing the Contact Name search function on the Ohio Secretary of State's Business Filing Search page.

Contact Name Search

 Formal Advertising

Search for the owner or management agent's website

Search for the name of the property


There are many other popular apartment search websites where you can find both rental unit listings and tenant feedback:






Area Vibes
DianaW suggests you check this out.  Let us know your experience.

Comparable Rent Search



From smaller properties (for both formal advertising and rent comps), you may want to consider trying the following recommendations made by HUD in Chapter 9: Rent Reasonableness in their HCV Program Guidebook:
  • Newspaper ads (including internet versions of newspaper ads)
  • Weekly or monthly neighborhood or shopper newspapers that have rental listings
  • “For Rent” signs in windows or on lawns;
  • Bulletin boards in community locations, such as grocery stores, laundromats, churches, and social service offices
  • Local real estate companies that handle rental property

*See Chapter 9 attached below

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