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Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care has been a planning process for addressing the needs of households at risk of homelessness.  With the passage of the HEARTH ACT things are changing!

What's new

Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) has created 18 regional planning areas to implement the provisions of the HEARTH act and the Emergency Solutions Grant program.

Balance of State Continuum of Care will be reorganized to conform with the new regional structure.

Each regional area has a lead grantee and is responsible to prepare a coordinated assistance plan.

There will be a webinar on 5/30/12 to introduce the changes and help groups fit into the new structure.

Local Continuum of Care organizations can continue to operate under the auspices of the Regional Planning Lead Grantee.
 Some definitions

Balance of State Continuum of Care (BOSCOC);  this is the planning body for homelessness grant funding in the 88 non 'entitlement' counties of Ohio. 

Local Continuum of Care (COC):  An association of health and social service providers within a geographic area (county or multi county).  In the BOSCOC local COCs were never officailly recognized, but played a critical role in designing the overall program

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