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Code Enforcement

Making Rental Properties Safe for Renters and Neighbors

Municipalities have role to play in ensuring that rental housing is a safe option for families. 

Code enforcement is the tool.  Good code enforcement not only improves the quality of housing for the household, it can protect adjacent properties, whether owner occupied or rental.  Passers by will not be able to tell at a glance which property is the rental unit. 

(Ironically it is renter households which take the blame for substandard conditions that are the landlord's duty)

Coupling stronger penalties with targeted (not complaint driven) enforcement could make housing codes more effective at protecting tenant consumers and neighbors who live close to rental housing.  The potential down side is that rents will increase as the lowest quality housing is removed from the market.

 Columbus Dispatch uncovers slumlords & lax enforcement.
“...city policies have inspectors chasing minor complaints instead of chronic housing-code offenders. Lax laws and indecisive judges have left people like Hall living in fear that the sagging porch roof at her duplex will fall and kill her grandchildren. Or that the second-story bathroom floor will collapse and send them crashing into the dining room.” 
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