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Tools for communities to improve inclusion and stability

Tools to address Impediments to Fair Housing

How can we help housing consumers understand their rights?
 Solving Rental Housing Problems
 We need information on discrimination that we can share with community members.
 Brochures on familial and disability rights that you can copy, adapt and share (attached at the bottom of this page)
 We need more affordable housing opportunities in our community.
 Preserve and Expand Affordable Housing
 How do I go about investigating a fair housing complaint
Advocating for your clients civil rights.pdf
(attached at the bottom of this page)
 How can we help landlords and tenants resolve their differences?
 Brochure on alternate dispute resolution (attached at the bottom of this page)
 Escalating rents because of gas and oil drilling in our community is hurting members of protected classes? What can we do as a community?
Gas Counties Project-monitoring impacts on housing and offering solutions.
How can we stay in touch with new developments and new resources in Fair Housing?
 RHINO Inclusion Partners on line community

 What are the issues that create barriers to Fair Housing

Abandoned properties
are a problem and a cause of neighborhood decline.
abandoned store fronts can be pop up neighborhoods.

modifications and accommodations; smart codes and universal design make housing available for households with disabilities

Accessible social media-here's some resources
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

Affordable Housing

Fair Housing
a tool to identify barriers in your community and to set goals to remove them.

Code Enforcement

Community Education
  • Adopt a FH resolution by Mayor, Commissioners, City Council...other elected body.
  • Hold a FH month (April) program in your community-make it more than a report to the county commissioners. After it's April-get outdoors, be visible, have fun.
  • Have a FH teach in at a local college or university-host speakers on the passage of the Fair Housing Act; planners on the need for inclusionary housing policies, or arts/cultural activities emphasizing diversity and inclusion. Didja know that February is Black History month. What a great time to teach Fair Housing!
  • Start planning an MLK Day observance in 2015/appoint a blue ribbon committee to create a community sponsored event.
Community Engagement
Citizens are the only 'disinterested' parties in community planning...how can the voice of the citizen be heard?

Community Planning
your community's planning tools can be descriptive (what is)...or predictive (what should be)
Resilience of communities facing stress

Court reforms

Disparate Impact Analysis

Homesearch Resources in your community
Here's a link to the program and materials.
More homesearch resources

Independent Living Centers:
provide information, education and outreach, training and advocacy for persons with disabilities
Find an ILC that serves your community



LGBT Households in Federally Assisted Housing

Meth Labs

Outreach Materials

Protected classes

Property Profiles

Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications

Signs of Discrimination
things to watch for.  if it doesn't sound "right" get a 2nd opinion.

Substandard rental property
  • Code Enforcement
  • Landlord and property registration
  • "Rent" Scams
  • Support Tenants Rights
Zoning: challenges and inclusion

 Notes & Links