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Stories from the past that are still relevant
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U.S. shale is a boon to manufacturers but not their workers
...state employment data, academic research and a week-long tour of half a dozen factories in Ohio suggests the shale gas revolution has been a disappointment when it comes to job creation.

Ideastream reports:  Drilling Boom Strains Rural Community Infrastructure

More about the rise and stall of the Utica Shale play here.

New ODNR report ignites optimism for the future, identifies current roadblocks

Youngstown Fracking Ban fails at polls.

Ammo in the legislative wars

Ohio’s $500 Billion Oil Dream Fades as Utica Turns Gassy Bloomberg News 4/15
In Ohio’s Utica formation, which runs eastward as far as New York, drillers frequently found the rock too dense and underground pressures insufficient to produce oil.  The rush to buy acreage has reversed.  You can read industry rebuttals here and here

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