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Geologic impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing

The focus of the Gas Counties Project under COHHIO's Inclusion and Stabilty Project is HOUSING,
not earthquakes.  But the public concern over the geologic by products of hydralic fracturing make mentioning the earthquake risk as important as covering the social impacts on the gas counties in Ohio

 Here's the latest
Report cites fracking-related activities as potential suspect in minor quakes
The rate of minor earthquakes from Colorado to Ohio has quickened in the past decade. But the report doesn't make a direct link between fracking and quakes, notes an Interior official.


Ohio Earthquake Likely Caused by Fracking Wastewater
Injecting wastewater deep underground is the prime suspect, potentially widening earthquake worries linked to hydraulic fracturing

 Notes & Links

We'll link to the USGS report when we find it on line.