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Disparate Impact

Policies or practices that have a disproportionate impact on a protected class are discriminatory

What is disparate impact?

  In the News
WKSU reports that the City of Lakewood has settled a Federal Fair Housing complaint that alleged that Lakewood harassed a group that provided housing to young African American males.  From the story:  "Four years ago, an apartment building ownership group claimed the city violated the rights of young black men staying in a group home in one of its properties. The facility serves youths transitioning out of foster care. The suit claimed police harassed and illegally searched the tenants. Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers denies those allegations. He says the city is not against transitional housing, but contends putting it in an apartment complex violated zoning codes. Summers says $500,000 settlement avoids costly trial with an uncertain outcome."  Read more here: http://www.wksu.org/news/story/40668

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