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Social Service Provider Training

Using Fair Housing Rights Help Your Clients & Consumers!

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Health & Social Service Providers in Vinton County

Thursday, February 7

9 AM-Noon

Vinton County Jobs and Family Services

30975 Industry Park Drive McArthur, OH 45651


  • How Fair Housing Laws can increase the housing stability of your clients and consumers
  • Learn how to help clients with disabilities request reasonable accommodations and modifications.
  • What can you do if you suspect discrimination or harassment
 What happened?
5 social service providers attended the training, including Brandi Betts, FH officer for Vinton County.  With a small group-lots of good interaction!  Emily Van Buren and Spencer Wells shared presentation duties.

Good Question
1.  What are landlord obligations to provide housing in an emergency (fire, flood, etc)  Wells says:  need to honor remainder of current month which tenant already paid for, but probably can terminate based on "act of God" if unable to provide housing beyond current rent period.  IF FEDERALLY ASSISTED, COHHIO has worked with HUD and owners to continue to pay subsidies to the owner who undertakes temporary relocation while unit is being rehabbed.
2.  What is the form of a RA or RM request?  does it need to be notarized?  Technically doesn't need to be in writing...but Emily says:  put it in writing and be as specific as possible so there's no confusion.  No particular form required.

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