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Landlords and Tenants

Rental rights and fair housing for landlords and tenants

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Fair Housing and Rental Rights

A free educational program for property owners, managers, tenants, & other interested citizens

Tuesday, January 29th

at 4.30-6.30 PM

Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library

120 North Market Street McArthur, Ohio 45651
Topics to be covered

  • how do rental rights strengthen our community?

  • what are the rights and duties of landlords and tenants?

  • what are the protected classes under the fair housing acts?

  • what about reasonable accommodations and modifications for persons with disabilities?

  • what are the protections for households headed by women, or who have children under 18.

 What happened?
10 people (landlords, tenants, stakeholders and public officials) participated in the Fair Housing and Rental Rights workshop in McArthur. 

Here's the coverage in the Vinton Courier
Thanks to participant/reporter Michael O'Brien

Good Question!
What can I do to protect my rental property if I have concerns about freezing pipes or rotting food?
How do I determine if a credit score is good enough for me to rent to? 
Do my potential tenants with very low incomes even have credit scores?
How can I create a list of criteria to use to help me pick good tenants WITHOUT discriminating?

Your Feedback
7 Participants took a pre and post test on Rental Rights and Fair Housing issues.  There was a very slight improvement in score (.27) from pre to post test...most discouraging, 3 participants did WORSE on the post test than before they participated in the session.

Presented by the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio and the Vinton County Community Development.  Funding for this workshop is provided under a grant with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.