Zanesville Ohio

Reason for referral
Tenant complaint that since management removed door stops on unit and common area doors, mobility impaired tenants are unable to enter and exit without getting hit by the door.

Summary of Findings

HUD info
  • REMS: 800213286
  • Pollock Apartments
  • 502 Market Street
  • ZANESVILLE OH 43701 (740) 452-4337
  • Mortgage Program: 202/811
  • FHA ID: 043EE072
  • owner: WSHDC/ZHDC Apartments, Inc. 383 Washington St, Newark, OH 43055  (740) 349-9136 harvestco@aol.com
  • Management:Harvest Management Group 3632 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, OH 43214 (614) 267-8970

Field Work

  • photos of door operations
  • copy of Zanesville Fire Department letter
  • phone conversations with State Fire Marshall

 Next Steps
Two mobility impaired tenants filed a complaint with HUD after management failed to respond to their request for a reasonable accommodation to restore door stops to unit and common area doors.  FHEO assigned the case to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to investigate.  Conciliation was unsuccessful and so complainants are awaiting a decision by the OCRC.

Notes & Links

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Spencer Wells,
Apr 24, 2013, 11:45 AM