Monroe Manor

Woodsfield Ohio

Reason for referral
Tenant and stakeholder complaints to COHHIO and to Monroe County Commissioners concerning proposed relocation of tenants.

Summary of Findings

Monroe Manor is a property financed by USDA for seniors and persons with disabilities.  In 2012 property was transferred to new ownership which obtained Low Income Housing Tax Credits to rehabilitate the property.  The primary task in responding to tenants' concerns was to identify the new owners of the property and the terms under which the temporary relocation and rehab were to be carried out.  Coming from the OPC Database, COHHIO first contacted the Columbus Office of USDA and learned that the ownership property was in the process of being transfered to a limited partnership controlled by Buckeye Community Hope.  Upon contacting BCH, COHHIO learned that the acquisition and rehab were being financed with a grant of Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the State of Ohio.  COHHIO then made an open records request for the Relocation Plan submitted to OHFA as a part of the allocation of credits.

  Next steps
Commissioners brought a representative of new owners to a Commission meeting to explain relocation plans.  COHHIO supplied background information from Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) regarding the relocation plan and technical assistance around relocation rights and reasonable accommodations for persons with disability.

COHHIO provided information on available affordable housing to owner's rep and relocation speciallist.

Following temporary relocation and rehab, COHHIO provided additional guidance to tenants as they resettled back into rehabbed units.

Notes & Links

Documents relating to the relocation plans are attached at the bottom of this page.

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