Arbor Apartments

Warren, Ohio

Reason for referral
Complainant called on referral from Western Reserve Independent Living Center acting on behalf of elderly, mobility impaired aunt.  Complainant said her aunt can't get to parking lot or office from her unit because of obstructions along the walkway. 

Need for property research
1.  What is the nature of the pathway to the property?
2.  Is the property covered by Section 504?

Summary of Findings
1.  Property has no Federal assistance so there's no public records.
2.  An internet search shows three properties in Warren Ohio with the name Arbor.  None had a direct web site.
3.  A site visit was required to find the location in order to get more information on ownership and management.  From local contacts this info was secured:
  • property: 3500 Boston SE Warren Ohio. Arbor Apartments
  • owner: Redwood Management, 23775 Commerce Park Road, Beachwood Ohio. Principal: Jeff Ondo. Local agent is Tammie.

4.  A walk around the property showed that the sidewalks did not meet ADA requirements (too narrow) so that neighbor's fence made the walkway impassible for complainant.

 Next steps
Before a reasonable accommodation could be framed, complainant decided to move from the location because of fear of crime.

Notes & Links