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Salem Workshops

COHHIO and Donald B. Eager and Associates are collaborating on two Fair Housing workshops in Salem
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General Rental Rights Workshop
August 30th 5 PM-6.30 PM
Salem Community Center

Fair Housing for Landlords
August 30th 7 PM-8.30 PM
Salem Community Center

Rights and Duties of landlords and tenants
Termination and Eviction
Security Deposits
Questions and Discussion

Fair Housing Rights and Duties

Why are there fair housing laws?Protected Classes:  7+2+1
Fair Housing Rule of thumb:  be consistent
Except for when...a tenant says: "because of my disability..."
Reasonable Accommodations and Reasonable Modifications
Questions and Discussion
 What happened
26 residents participated in these workshops, including a representative from the FH program in Trumbull County.  Tom Snow, director of Columbiana Metropolitan Housing Authority was co presenter.

Questions and Discussion

    • are tenants in a senior high rise entitled to get a pet?  yes, if the property is Federally assisted; otherwise up to the landlord.
    • is trading sex for rent a form of discrimination?  Yes, sexual harassment is a form of discrimination based on the protected class of gender (female headed household.
    • can a landlord turn off water if the rent is late?  No, forbidden under the Ohio Landlord Tenant law.
    • who pays attorney fees in a rent deposit case?  Court makes a determination at the end of the case.
    • does tenant have the right to change locks?  Ohio Landlord Tenant Law only says:  Tenant may not unreasonably restrict Landlord's right of entry.  Unless changing locks is prohibited in the lease, not illegal.
    • can landlord charge a fee for well water?  TOUGH QUESTION.  Quick answer is 'probably' but would need to disclose costs and meet drinking water standards.
    • how does a verbal agreement work?  Verbal works ok until landlord and tenant disagree on what they agreed to...

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    Funding for this workshop is provided under grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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