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Fair Housing for Providers

Learning more about fair housing rights will help your clients and consumers stabilize their rental households

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Welcome and Introductions: Pamela Dray, Columbiana County Community Development

1.15 -1.30: Overview of Fair Housing Spencer Wells

  • why are there fair housing laws?

  • what are the Protected classes under Federal and State laws and regulations? 7/2/2 rule!

  • what are the exemptions in Ohio?

  • what is the Fair Housing Rule of Thumb? BE CONSISTENT!

  • what's the exception to the Rule of Thumb? ...except when someone says..

1.30-2.00: What's the GENERAL RULE for RA/RM (Fair housing Act and ORC 4112)?

  • landlord may not unreasonably refuse to provide a reasonable accommodation of a rule, policy, or procedure to address the needs of a person with a disability

  • landlord may not unreasonably deny permission to a tenant to make a modification of the premise to address the needs of a person with a disability

  • What's the RULE for RA/RM where there is direct Federal Assistance (Section 504)?

  • Who's covered by Section 504?

2.00-2.30 Recognizing discrimination in practice: Spencer Wells

  • denial

  • abuse of entry, intrusive inspection

  • difference in treatment (location, amenities, etc

  • difference in terms and conditions: (extra security deposits, lease addenda)

  • for female headed households: sexual harassment

  • 10 key indicators (handout)


2.30 PM-3 PM Housing Services available at te Community Action Agency of Columbiana County. Martina Grimm.

3.00 PM-3.30PM : Framing a RA/RM request Spencer Wells

  • document disability

  • document the nexus

  • engage in the interactive process

3.30PM-4 PM: Your issues and concerns.

 What happened at the training?

Held at Community Action on October 30, 2012Only 5 participants in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's effects on Eastern Ohio.  Pamela Dray gave an  overview of FH complaints in countymostly tenant landlord problems; mostly tenants not knowing rights and duties-unrealistic expectations; sometimes landlord misrepresentation

Questions & Discussion
what are the rules for charging for waterWells:  hard to know, court decisions are 'all over the place'.
can homeless people bring comfort animals to shelters and transitional housingYes, shelters and transitional housing are covered by Federal Fair Housing Act, residents may ask for reasonable accommodations.  If funded by direct Federal assistance, covered providers must make shelters and transitional housing accessible.
Is it OK to ask if disabled people need an accommodationNO.  That's a difference in treatment.  Instead maybe post a sign or include the offer of RA on printed materials or applications for assistance.
HOPA requirements?  Discussed.  Advocates who are suspicious can ask housing providers to provide information in support of their claim to be 55/over or 62/over. 
Differences in treatment based on criminal background.  
Housing providers need to be consistent.
Funds for home modification? Participants suggested that USDA has funds for home modification. 


Notes & Links