Using FH Rights

Using Fair Housing Rights Help Your Clients & Consumers!

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Health and Social Service Providers
can be partners in stabilizing rental households for their clients and consumers. 

With a little knowledge of Landlord Tenant and Fair housing Laws, you can make a difference for your clients and consumers WHERE THEY LIVE!

Safe, decent, fair and affordable housing is a prerequisite to success in all other aspects of life.  HOUSING FIRST isn't for the's a motto for any family seeking stability and success.

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Welcome and Introductions
1.15 -1.30: Overview of Fair Housing
1.30-1.45 Recognizing discrimination in practice
1.45-2 PM: Protections for persons with disabilities
2.00-2.15: What's the GENERAL RULE for RA/RM (Fair housing Act and ORC 4112)?

2.30 PM-3 PM Ohio landlord tenant law-common issues and resources. Protections for victims of domestic violence-Kristen Finzel Lewis. SEOLS New Philadelphia
3.00-3.40: How to...

Framing a RA/RM request

Recognizing and documenting discrimination

Using HUD regulations to open doors to special need populations

3.40-4PM: General Discussion

 What happened
  • 18 participants on a rainy day (9/18/12) at the Senior Center in Carrollton
  • Most participants were social service providers; several property managers.
  • 3 presenters:  Spencer Wells, Kristen Lewis (SEOLS) and Lillian Siebada (LBS Consultants)
Question and Discussion
  • can owners use credit checking to screen prospective tenants?  YES, but the same criteria have to apply to all applicants.  What elements of a credit report are relevant to a prospective tenants qualifications to be a tenant?

How will course help you improve your operations?
  • Resources in my hands to share with clients
  • Resource for future
  • Refer to appropriate provider/service
  • Knowledge of who to refer customers to...
  • Be able to refer to the appropriate person or organization.
  • The instructor attacked the hard cases and has explained those theories.
  • I will be able to refer my clients better.
  • This will help...with client rights.  Know how to deal with landlords.
  • An overall awareness.
  • Help to know where to find resources if case comes up
  • More knowledgeable.  Able to assist with tenants' rights.

Suggestions to improve course?
  • More time, coordinate/invite court personnel
  • More time
  • Could be longer.  Questions were good too.

Future HUD training that would be helpful?
  • Any disability issues on housing
  • More HUD assistance
  • Tenant Landlord Laws

Other comments
  • Please have more training
  • Good program

Sponsored by: COHHIO in partnership with the Carroll County Commissioners Funding for this workshop is provided under a grant with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Notes & Links

Spencer Wells,
Oct 3, 2012, 11:44 AM