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Tuscawaras/New Phildelphia

HARrison-CArroll-TUScawaras Community Action serves low income people in three Eastern Ohio Counties

Helping People
Help Themselves
 Harrison, Carroll and Tuscarawas
Counties since 1965.
Fax: (740) 922-4128
Toll Free:  1-855-806-9650 

MISSION:The HARCATUS Mission includes planning and coordination of programs designed to combat problems of poverty and to seek elimination of conditions of poverty as they affect inhabitants of urban and rural communities in Harrison, Carroll and Tuscarawas Counties.

 New Philadelphia Workshop
DATE: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
TIME: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
PLACE: HARCATUS Family Support Center
140 W. High Ave.New Philadelphia

What happened?
Only two participants, one tenant and the FH officer for Tuscawaras County...so we switched the format and focused on questions that each participant brought to the session.  It was lively with plenty of good discussion!

How did they do?
with just 2 participants we didn't take the pre-post tests.

Q&D Highlights

  • Harassed by a neighbor because of African American friend.  Long discussion of the issues, victim has filed a police report and was urged to file a civil rights complaint.
  • What can be done about rent gouging because of gas and oil workers coming in to the community?  There's no law on this and the current proposed tax being debated in the General Assembly won't help create new housing.  Wells suggests: 
    • use extraction tax to fund new housing development;
    • get gas and oil companies to invest in new housing (model in Belmont County);
    • start talking to affordable housing investors who can create more rent controlled properties.

Notes & Links