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Rental Rights and Fair Housing for landlords, tenants, and local officials

HARCATUS Tri-County C.A.O., Inc, is a private non-profit corporation located in Dennison, Ohio, which serves Harrison, Carroll, and Tuscarawas Counties.  HARCATUS Tri-County C.A.O., Inc contracts with federal, state, and local governments and other groups to develop, manage, and deliver human and social services for the betterment of our communities.  Many of its programs, including Head Start, are designed to assist people in need to help themselves and to become self-sufficient.

Harcatus sponsored two landlord-tenant workshops in New Phildelphia on 3/27 and in Cadiz on 3/28. 

 What happened?
  • 11 people attended the workshop in Cadiz:  3 landlords, 3 service providers, 2 County officials and 3 reps from  Harrison Metropolitan Housing.
How did they do?
All 11 participants took the Pre-Post test.  Average score on the pre test was 1.4.  After the training the average of scores rose to 3.8. An improvement of 2.4 points in just 2 hours.

Questions and discussion
  • Any protection against rent increases because of the gas drilling?  There's no rent control in Ohio so tenants are subject to market forces.  Communities may develop strategies (see Preserve & Expand) to increase the supply of rental housing and increase the supply of rental housing for low income people.  Discussed some strategies.
  • How can a housing provider get information about the nexus for a reasonable accommodation/reasonable accommodation request?  Housing providers can ask for enough information from a health professional to "make the connection" between the disability and the requested accommodation or modification.
  • Does VAWA apply to private housing?  No, VAWA only applies to Federally assisted housing-see here-but sometimes a victim of domestic violence may have a claim of discrimination based on gender.